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Mia Marija Gačić
World Literature Festival 2023

World Literature Festival 2023

In September, the world of literature is gearing up for one of the most significant events of the year. From September 3rd to 8th, book, art, and culture enthusiasts will have a unique opportunity to delve into the richness of literary worlds at the World Literature Festival, taking place in Zagreb.

The festival will host a range of award-winning authors.

The festival will kick off on September 3rd with the Hungarian writer Péter Nádas, author of ‘Book of Memories,’ who will present his novel “Terrible Tales” at the Revealing Discussion event at the Zagreb Youth Theatre. Tickets are available here.

This festival will feature a lineup of acclaimed authors from over fifteen countries. Below is the complete program to help you choose the perfect event for yourself.

“Double Portrait”: Joanna Bator and Zoran Ferić 

What’s the price of memories? Is there something like catharsis after life’s blows? And can we ever truly return home? The “Double Portrait” panel will attempt to offer answers, featuring the renowned Polish writer Joanna Bator and one of our most significant contemporary authors, Zoran Ferić.

“Revelation”: Antonio Scurati

What’s it like to write a biography of one of the world’s most infamous dictators, the fascist leader Benito Mussolini? The “Revelation” panel will provide answers with the Italian bestselling author, Antonio Scurati.

“Double Portrait”: Yaniv Iczkovits i Damir Karakaš

What happens when two authors meet, both using their pens to write the destinies of outcasts in turbulent historical times and the most interesting corners of the world? Find out with Israeli literary star Yaniv Iczkovits and one of our most esteemed writers, Damir Karakaš.

“Revelation”: Yuri Andrukhovych

The novel “Radio Night” reflects the dramatic political history of contemporary Ukraine, offering the best soundtrack featuring names like Tom Waits, Rolling Stones, and David Bowie.

“Double Portrait”: Monika Helfer i Ena Katarina Haler

What do Austrian writer Monika Helfer and the young literary star Ena Katarina Haler have in common? Brilliant novels where the destinies of strong women are shaped by the unpredictable whirlwind of war.

“Revelation”: David Grossman

Prominent peace activist and contemporary classic, David Grossman, will present his new novel “Smile of the Kid Goats” on the “Revelation” program.

“Double Portrait”: Krzysztof Varga i Marko Gregur

What’s the percentage of melancholy in the works of the Polish-Hungarian writer and journalist Krzysztof Varga, and in the works of one of our most esteemed young writers and editors, Marko Gregur? Find out at the “Double Portrait” panel.

“Revelation”: Hila Blum

“How to Love Your Daughter,” a novel by Israeli bestselling author Hila Blum, offers a unique insight into the complex relationship between mother and daughter, questioning the boundaries between love, excessive care, and obsession.

“Revelation”: Julia Franck

Julia Franck presents the novel “Worlds Far Away,” which delves into the love affair between two young people from East and West Germany.

“Revelation”: Vanessa Montfort

The novel “The Woman with No Name” tells the story of the first Spanish playwright, María Lejárraga, an author who was co-writer, often the sole author of works credited to her husband, the renowned Spanish writer, playwright, and theater director Gregorio Martínez Sierra. Presented by Spanish writer and playwright Vanessa Montfort!

“Revelation”: Afonso Cruz

The author will present two books - the picture book “How to Cook a Child” and the brilliant young adult novel “Books That Ate My Father,” exploring what happens when a father reads too much and a son dreams too much.

“Revelation”: Hervé Le Tellier

The novel “The Anomaly” is a journey worth embarking on, and the author’s name is one you should definitely hear this late summer!

“Double Portrait”: : Anne Eekhout and Dubravka Zima

How much do we know about the life of women in the 19th century? Has literature contributed to women’s emancipation? And what role does Mary Shelley, the author of the iconic Gothic novel “Frankenstein” or the modern Prometheus, play in all of this? Find answers with Dutch author Anne Eekhout and literary scholar Dubravka Zima.

“Revelation”: Johan Harstad

Author of the globally acclaimed novel “Max, Mischa & the Tet Offensive.” A grand novel about art, nostalgia, war, and growing up that you must read, and an author you must meet this September!

“Double Portrait”: Elin Cullhed and Neven Vulić

How to write about love in an era devoid of it? And what has Sylvia Plath, one of the greatest poetic and pop-cultural icons of the 20th century, left us in this regard? The answer will be sought by Swedish author Elin Cullhed and our author Neven Vulić.

“Writer and Reader”: Hildegard E. Keller

German author Hildegard E. Keller will discuss the novel “How We Appear” - a novel about the remarkable life journey of one of the 20th century’s most important thinkers, Hannah Arendt. The novel delves into the controversies that followed her career and her poetic voice.

“Revelation”: Svetislav Basara

One of the most esteemed Serbian writers, essayists, and playwrights, Svetislav Basara, will be a guest at the World Literature Festival on the “Revelation” panel.

“Writer and Reader”: Nenad Rizvanović

Neven Rizvanović will present his new title “Ships Over the City,” offering an unforgettable journey through Osijek.

“Revelation”: Georgi Gospodinov

Georgi Gospodinov, the recipient of the 2023 International Booker Prize, will discuss the novel “The Time Shelter” which earned him the award, along with other remarkable titles from his oeuvre.

Rich literary evenings, brilliant exhibitions, and performances will mark this year’s World Literature Festival. Get fee-free tickets on our website and don’t miss the opportunity to engage with local and global literary authors.

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