Best commission.

Lowest fixed percentage, no ticketing fees.

The fastest payout.

Payout to your account no later than 24 - 48 hours after the event.

A powerful marketing tool.

Monitor live statistics of sales and visits. Find out who your users are and where they come from. We collect your user base for you in accordance with GDPR.

Bonus set up and floor plan.

No hidden fees for eg event opening or seat numbering. We enter the floor plan of the space into the system quickly and free of charge.

If you are interested, we will contact you.

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Selling tickets has never been easier!

  • It sometimes takes as little as 60 seconds to create an event!
  • Easy branding of events, exchange of information and all this via mobile phone.
  • Manage tickets, price categories or packages, create promo codes...
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CoreEvent Scanner

Getting in has never been faster

  1. Download the mobile app on iOS & Android
  2. Enter event code
  3. Scan the visitor's ticket

CoreEvent Conference App

Branded application for your conference

  • Live notifications for all participants
  • Interaction with lecturers and other participants
  • All information about lectures in one place
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CoreEvent mobile app

Everything you need is in one app

  • Faster scanning and entry
  • Direct messages to visitors
  • Other advantages you will discover
any device, any location
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