Getting started

In these Help & Support pages, you will find all of the information you need to use CoreEvent in the best possible way, getting the best out of it.


It is time to start using CoreEvent and enjoy its benefits. We will explain everything related to attendee management.

Invite & share

These features are meant to empower the event organizer to collect attendee data in the most simple way - through sharing a web form.

Design tool

The “Design tool” is a simple drag & drop tool for creating name badges. Here we will explain how to easily create name badges.

Event settings

Here you can learn all about adding or updating data about the event, its organizers, users, workshops and attendee fields.

Conference settings

Learn about editing the Attendee app, creating interests for your attendees, publishing announcements and creating halls.

Public page

CoreEvent automatically creates a landing page for your event. You can use it to get attendee attention or as a registration site.

User flows and FAQ

On the following pages, we will lead you through some of the most common actions in the CoreEvent system.

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