Invite or import attendees and sell tickets.

Invite attendees to your events by creating a custom form and posting it to your website or social media. You can also just import your own sheets with attendee data. Plus, there is no need for setting up a webshop to sell tickets. CoreEvent enables you to do it!

Sell tickets
List of attendees

Manage and email your attendees.

You got all the data and now it’s time to spend hours to sort it all out. Well, not really. All of your attendees are stored at CoreEvent, where you can get all of the information in one place. Also, you can use our email sending tool and tell your attendees everything they need to know. Or just send them pictures of kittens.

Design name badges and register attendees

With CoreEvent, you can create stunning name badges yourself. Our drag&drop design tool helps you design and print name badges before the event or on-site. Plus, CoreEvent makes the attendee registration faster than ever. Send your attendees a QR code, scan it at the entrance and forget about long queues.

Name badge design

There is a lot more to explore!

If you thought that this was already great, just wait till you find out everything about CoreEvent. There is a lot more to explore, so don’t hesitate, get to know us!

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How it works, you wonder?


Get Attendees


Manage and Talk


Design and Print


Attendee Registration

Get Attendees

Quickly create a form with custom fields, post it online and let the attendees come to you. You can sell tickets for your event, host a free event, or import your own sheets with attendee data.

Manage and Talk

All of the attendee data is in CoreEvent. All of the information is in one place. You can now use the mailing tool and tell your attendees about the event, send them entry QR codes or, in fact, anything you want.

Design and Print

You don’t have to be a designer to create beautiful name badges with CoreEvent. Use our drag & drop design tool, get dazzling name badges, and print them on-site or bulk print them upfront.

Attendee Registration

With CoreEvent, the attendee registration is faster and easier than ever. Send your attendees a QR code, scan it with our Scanner app, and never leave your attendees waiting again.

Any device, any location

Can I use CoreEvent for any event?

Whether you are organising a business conference a concert or a sports tournament, CoreEvent will be by your side. Our event management system is customizable for every event. No limits. All events, all event managers, we welcome you to the bright world of CoreEvent.

Event apps are extremely important because they make the job easier for the organizers and provide attendees with a better user experience.

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Any device, any location

Get more with the CoreEvent Attendee app

You know what goes great with our Organizer App? And no, we are not talking about food. We are talking about a white-labeled app for the best attendee experience. Tailor our app template to your branding and let attendees see the event schedule, get announcements via push notifications, check out other visitors in-app profiles and enjoy easy networking.

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Any device, any location
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