White-labeled mobile Attendee App

Personalize our app template, tailor it to your branding, and make the app look just like you want it to. The CoreEvent white-labeled Attendee App is easy to create, the development process is fast, and it is much more cost efficient, or as one would put it, a bargain, compared to custom app development.

White-labeled mobile app
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Share information with your attendees

The Attendee App lets your attendees carry the event schedule in their pocket. Also, they can favourite the talks and lectures they like the most. Moreover, the CoreEvent Attendee App enables the organizers to publish announcements to the app and send them to attendees as push notifications.

Encourage and simplify networking

Attendees can create in-app profiles, tick their interests and connect their profiles to their social media. Attendees can check out other visitors in-app profiles. The app is suggesting people to them through shared interests. Each attendee has a personal QR code which other attendees can scan and add these attendees to their favourites.

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And how does this work?


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Organizer Benefits


Attendee Experience

Create the App

Send us the branding materials, and in about a week, your app will be ready. If you ever dealt with app development, you know that is, well, really fast. All you need to do when the app is ready is to send the download link to your attendees.

Organizer Benefits

Create the event programme, publish announcements about your event and send push notifications. Using an attendee app helps to shape a great attendee experience and makes your event a top priority to visit time and time again.

Attendee Experience

The Attendee App helps attendees check out the event schedule and to stay in the loop by getting recent announcements. Attendees can create in-app profiles, connect them to social media and find interest based networking opportunities.

Any device, any location

Up for a test ride?

This all sounds great, but you want to see it in action. Well, of course! Contact us by filling out the short form and get a demo of the Attendee App. Our customer support team is quick to respond, professional, knowledgeable and helpful. And before you ask, yes, the app works for both Android and iOS users.

Event apps are extremely important because they make the job easier for the organizers and provide attendees with a better user experience.

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CEO at CoreLine

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Any device, any location

Check out the CoreEvent Organizer App

The Attendee App is just one part of the CoreEvent event management system. Although it can work perfectly by itself, you could also use the Organizer App. A web app designed to make the organizers' life easier and the event better. Invite attendees to your event, manage them, sell tickets and send emails. Register attendees to the event fast & easy and get event statistics.

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Any device, any location
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