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Here you can find out everything about the CoreEvent Organizer web App. All features on one page. Simple. As CoreEvent always is.


Invite & Share

Easily invite or import attendees to your event. Create a custom form and invite attendees, or just import your own sheets with attendee data.

Invite Attendees

In 5 minutes, you can create a custom invite form and post it to your website, social media or send it via email to your target audience.

Sell Tickets

Need to sell tickets for your event? No need for setting up a web shop. Just do it through CoreEvent and its easy to use interface.

Import and Create Attendees

You can import your own sheets with attendee data to CoreEvent. Plus, you can add individual attendees to CoreEvent yourself.

Public Page

CoreEvent automatically creates a landing page based on your event info. You can share this public page wherever you like, and your attendees can register to the event through it.

Request Approvals

When your attendees fill out the invite form, they first appear in the Pending requests list. Here you can decide if they have access to your event or not.


Attendee Management

After you collect all of the attendee data, you want to have it all in one place, and be able to message or manage them simply. CoreEvent makes it possible.

Attendee List

The attendee list is the place where all of your attendee data is. You can customise the list, filter it, sort it or use QuickSearch for fast results.

Send Emails

CoreEvent has an email sending tool you can use to tell your attendees everything they need to know. You can send custom or automated emails to everyone or just to attendees you want

Categories & Zones

You can decide on different categories that your attendees will be a part of. Plus, with the zones feature, you can create different areas of the event venue and who has access to them.


With CoreEvent, you can create events like lectures, panels or workshops that are occurring during your event and let your attendees apply to them.


The export feature allows the organizers to get important event statistics so they can really get to know the event and learn how to improve it.


Design, Print & Register Attendees

Use CoreEvent to design name badges, print them before the event or on-site, and to register attendee attendance at the event venue.

Design Name Badges

Upload the background, decide on the format, choose the data that will appear on your name badges and have the name badges for all of your event attendees ready in a few minutes.

Print Name Badges

Use the bulk print to get all of the name badges ready for printing before the event, or just connect laptops to printers and print name badges on the event site.

QR Codes & Barcodes

Use QR codes or barcodes on your name badges or send them to your attendees. Track attendee movement on the event site or just use the codes for attendee attendance tracking.

On-site Attendee Registration

CoreEvent makes the attendee registration faster than ever. Scan QR codes or barcodes at the event entrance and never worry about long queues again.

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